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Summit Schedule

Session 1

Welcome and Summit Overview // Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove

Summit organizers and hosts Marc and Julie of RVLove kick off the event with an introduction to RV life, what you will learn and how the summit will run.

Session 2

God Bless America // 4 Lessons Learned in RV Life // Audrey Callahan Music

Audrey Callahan sings this beautiful rendition of ‘God Bless America’ to an adventurous, RV travel-style music video that perfectly sets the stage for the event! This is followed by 4 Lessons Learned after One Year of Full Time RV Life and Travel, as shared by this talented singer/songwriter and RVer.

Session 3

How to Set Up Your RV Up in a Campground + RV Systems // Marc Bennett

Follow along with Marc as he checks into a campground and sets up the RV in a campsite. Learn how to connect to utilities, and why we use the gear we do. Marc explains how your RV water and electrical systems work. And watch the damaging consequences of not planning your travel route in advance.

Session 4

Your Campground 411: What You Need to Know // Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi

Learn about the different types of campgrounds, pros and cons, and how to find the best ones suited to your travel style. Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of The RV Atlas also share their tips for making wise decisions in the age of coronavirus.

Session 5

RV Travel and Camping Tips for 2020 // Mark Koep of Campground Views.com

A true RV camping expert, Mark will help you understand how things have changed recently, and what to expect. He will share RV travel and camping tips for planning your RV trip, and finding the best places to visit this year.

Session 6

Thousand Trails Road Trip – How it Works // Dusty Hansen of Thousand Trails

Go on a virtual road trip around the 80+ Thousand Trails camping locations and learn how you can camp more for less, while visiting some of the best destinations around North America. 

Session 7

The Different Types of RVs – And Should You Rent or Buy? // RVLove

Join us for a walk around the campground as we show you many types of RVs, the key differences, and pros and cons. Learn which kinds of travelers these are suited to, and the benefits of renting vs buying.

Session 8

Finding the Right RV As Your Needs Change // Less Junk < More Journey

Learn from the RV ownership experiences of Nathan and Marissa Moss of Less Junk < More Journey who have owned several kinds of RVs over the years. They share the pros and cons of each option, their tips for buying the right RV, and some of their favorite travel destinations.

Session 9

Going Solo! FAQ + Tips for Solo RV Travelers // Janine Pettit of Girl Camper

Have RV, will travel! Whether you’re single or your significant other simply doesn’t share your desire to travel, learn how to hit the road solo. The founder of Girl Camper, Janine Pettit, shares solid advice on where to start your RV buying process, tips for towing, and staying safe – for guys and gals alike.

Session 10

Buying an RV and Finding the Right RV Dealer // Bob Zagami of NERVDA

Learn the realities all new RV buyers must understand when it comes to buying and owning an RV – and why it is NOT like buying a car or house! Bob Zagami of New England RV Dealers Association will share what to look for in an RV dealer, new technologies for RV shopping, and how to have a positive experience – before and after the sale.

Session 11

Exploring Many RVs and Travel Styles // Chris and Cherie of Technomadia

Learn from 14+ years of RV and travel experiences with different kinds of vehicles and vessels – including a vintage bus, van, trailers and a boat. Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia share the reasons behind their decisions, while staying connected and running their business as technology-enabled nomads.

Session 12

8 Things You Must Know about RV Safety // Marc Bennett of RVLove

Don’t miss this all important session where Marc covers the 8 things you MUST know to stay safe with your RV – inside and out. These are critical things every RVer should know about and always stay mindful of, to ensure the safety of you and your family while living and traveling in your RV.

Session 13

How to Avoid Buying an RV Money Pit // Duane Lipham, RV Inspection & Care

Learn the 5 things you need to know before buying an RV to avoid buying a lemon! Duane will explain how you can DIY a pre-RV inspection before you call and pay a professional RV Inspector. You’ll learn what RV repairs will cost you the most money, and pick up some RV maintenance tips.

Session 14

5 Things You Need to Know About RV Maintenance // Marc Bennett of RVLove

After buying your RV, you will need to take care of it to keep it in great shape and avoid the risk of breakdowns and unexpected repairs. Marc Bennett of RVLove will share the 5 key things you need to know about RV maintenance and how to avoid costly repairs.

Session 15

Understanding RV Service and Sales // Cowboy Langley of Gatesville RV Texas

The relationship between RV service and sales is an important one. Cowboy from Gatesville RV Service and Sales will explain some key factors that will help you make good decisions, and have a positive RV ownership experience.

Session 16

Big Adventures with Little Kids – Family Travel // Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi

Learn strategies, tips and tricks for successfully camping and enjoying outdoor adventures with your kids from Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi of the RV Atlas. You’ll walk away with handy tips for making great camping memories together as a family.

Session 17

How to Stay Connected & Mobile on the Road // Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard

Whether you want to work while you travel, road school your kids, or stay connected to the internet for entertainment and everyday life, you’ll learn about the many options available for mobile connectivity and gear from Chris and Cherie of Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Session 18

Succeeding as an RV Entrepreneur / Remote Worker // Erik McCauley

Learn how Erik ran a successful IT company from the road and went on to build Mobile Must Have, a thriving e-commerce store dedicated to providing the technology and connectivity gear that helps RVers and remote workers stay productive while traveling. 

Session 19

Tips and Tools for RV Trip Planning and Travel Destinations // Marc Bennett

Proper trip and route planning is important for hassle-free travels and arriving safely at your destination. Marc and Julie of RVLove will share their favorite trip planning tools and tips for finding great travel destinations and enjoying the journey.

Session 20

7 Ways to Save Money While RVing // Julie Bennett of RVLove

Learn 7 key ways you can save money on the road as an RVer, with tips for stretching your dollars further when it comes to campgrounds, gas and more. She will also share ways to help you avoid unexpected expenses as you travel.

Session 21

The Truth About Boondocking – Is it for You? // Brian Pursel of RV With Tito

Maybe you have heard about boondocking – dry camping without hookups – but aren’t sure if it’s for you. Learn what it’s all about from from Brian Pursel of RV With Tito. Brian will share useful tips and the basic skills, and tools you’ll need to give it a try – even if you don’t have solar or fancy equipment!


Wrap Up, Thank You and What's Next? // Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove

We are joined by some of our summit speakers on Zoom as we give thanks, a quick recap on the Summit, and share what’s next!

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