RV Extended Warranties Roadside Assistance & Tire / Wheel Protection



RV Extended warranties

Protect your road ahead with us!

Our Top-Rated RV Extended Warranties are backed by an A Rated or better Insurance Carrier, so you can count on coverage to be there for you when you need it most.


rv roadside assistance

24/7/365 Towing, Lockout & Additional Roadside Assistance.

Don’t hit the road without reliable RV Roadside Assistance! Unlimited RV Towing, Flat Tire Assistance, Lockout Services and more are just a phone call away.


auto extended warranties

Variety of Auto Coverage Options

You count on your auto everyday, now count on our Auto Warranty experts to help you find the right level of coverage for your car or truck.

Protect Your Adventures

All of us at Wholesale Warranties are so excited to be a part of the Hit the Road RV Summit! We believe in educating RVers, and empowering them with the knowledge they need to make smart, and informed decisions on their RV lifestyle. We couldn’t pass on an opportunity to be a part of this educational event!

So, why do you need RV protection? Let’s dive in…

Did you know…

• 30% of RVs suffer a major mechanical failure by only their 2nd year on the road. This jumps to 80% by their 5th year, and nearly every RV by their 8th

• Between parts and labor, the average RV repair costs $300 per hour

• Without an RV Warranty in place, these costs are coming directly out of your travel budget

You have invested in your home-on-wheels ...

You have invested in your home-on-wheels for a sense of adventure, to see new things and enjoy new places, and we don’t think your trip should be sidelined by RV repair bills. That’s why Wholesale Warranties offers top-rated RV protection, featuring:

• An extended RV warranty will pay for the cost of almost any mechanical failure your rig may face

• Lock in today’s best rate for multiple years of reliable coverage

• Work with an RV protection expert to find the level of coverage and deductible option that best suits your RV lifestyle

• Top-rated programs with a proven history of claims payout, with 90% of claims processed on the very first phone call

• Our customer service can’t be beat, but don’t take our word for it. Click to hear from actual RV travelers just like you!

Ready to see what RV protection might cost for your home-on-wheels?

Get a free, no-strings-attached quote today, and travel with peace of mind tomorrow!


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